We’ve all had that moment when you realize at the airport that you’ve forgotten something important — now imagine that you are on a ship out in the ocean with zero access shopping malls! Don’t be left high and dry; check out this list of 10 items you won’t know you need until you don’t have them.

1) MULTIPLE SWIM SUITS- Between excursions, lounging on the beach, and swimming on the ship, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your swimsuit. The feeling of putting on a still-wet swimsuit is far from a magical experience. Bringing more than one swimsuit can help you avoid this sticky situation! Packing each swimsuit in its own airtight bag helps you save space during packing, and gives you a place to put them when they are wet and need to go back in your suitcase at the end of your cruise.

2) BEACH SHOES- One of the best things about cruises for people who are landlocked is the opportunity to spend hours at the water’s edge. Most beaches have that picture-perfect white sand, but for the ones that are more rocky and less comfortable on bare feet, the right foot attire can allow you to focus on how beautiful your surroundings are and not worry about how much your feet hurt.

Pro Tip: Be sure to read up on your excursions to see what the beach is like before you get there!

These are great because they come in many colors and have sizes for men, women, and kids!

VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes on Amazon

3) UNDERWATER CASES FOR YOUR MOBILE PHONES- With all of that time you’ll spend in and near the water, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take high-quality photos of your adventures with the camera app on your phone? This underwater case allows you to do just that! Depending on your specific phone, you might even be able to take underwater photos! Take photos of silly faces, sea floors, and marine life, that are perfect for sharing on social media.

Pro Tip: Check the “Customer questions & answers” section on the link above to prepare your phone. (Such as setting your phone to take pictures with a physical button and opening the app prior to putting the phone in the case as the screen won’t work with the case on.)

You can get different colors for each member of the family!

JOTO Waterproof Pouch Phone on Amazon

4) SPF 30 WATERPROOF SUNSCREEN AND SPF 30 LIP BALM- There will be so much to do on your trip and you’ll want to soak up the whole experience, just make sure not to soak up too much sun! Make sure to bring these items with you as you’ll be re-applying multiple times per day, depending on your activities. You should apply sunscreen (while your skin is dry) to ALL exposed areas 15 minutes prior to entering the water and reapplying every 2 hours.

If you decide to use a spray sunscreen, it needs to be held over each patch of skin for at least 6 seconds, so I recommend using liquid or gel sunscreen to avoid under-protecting your skin.

Banana Boat Sunscreen on Amazon

5) COVER-UP AND/OR T-SHIRT/SWIM SHIRT- If you’re out in the sun for several days in a row and you aren’t from Florida – you’ll probably get sunburned and still want to be able to go out in the water. It is best to have something that covers your shoulders, as this area will get more sun that any other part of you. Also look for fabrics that are lighter in color and made from natural fabric (such as linen or cotton) as they will keep you cooler.

For women, check out Women’s L.LBean UPF 50+ Sun Shirt there are several colors/patterns to choose from,

For men, check out Men’s Hawaiian Shirt on Amazon for some fun beach-themed patterns,

Or Men’s Solid Shirt on Amazon for solid colors,

6) ALOE VERA GEL- No matter how hard you try, you may still end up getting sunburned. Aloe feels sooo good on those tender, red areas of skin! Other helpful treatments include cool baths, regular moisturizer (before bed is a good time to apply,) aspirin/ibuprofen for swelling and pain, and hydrocortisone cream.

Check out this Aloe Vera on Amazon.

7) RE-USABLE WATER BOTTLE- The importance of staying hydrated during long, sunny days can’t be over-stated. Bottled water is sold on the ship, but is overpriced — and you can fill up at drink stations, but there are only a few of them. You also have the option of bringing your own bottled water, but it can’t be packed in your luggage, so you’d need to carry it with you during embarkation. This problem is easily solved by bringing a few short or collapsible re-usable water bottles (the sinks aren’t very deep) so that you can fill up in your room, where the water is perfectly safe to drink.

8) MOTION-SICKNESS PREVENTION/TREATMENT- There are several products that you can use for this. There are pills, wrist bands, and ear patches to name a few. When you’re in an onboard theater enjoying the magical production of one of your favorite Disney shoes, you don’t want to go running back to your room, hoping that you’ll make it back before your upset stomach has its way.

9) JACKET/SWEATER- After a long day of adventuring, a peaceful walk on the deck in the evening will be a welcome change of pace. Picture a night free of city lights and stars twinkling merrily over a smooth ocean that stretches out as far as the eye can see. Make sure that you can fully enjoy these moments by packing a couple of light layers. The air conditioning inside might also not be a comfortable temperature for you, so bring a sweater to prevent getting chills while eating a lovely fancy dinner in the themed dining areas.

Pro Tip: Bring your sweater or jacket to dinner with you in case you go out on the deck after.

10) OVERNIGHT BAG- There are some services on the ship that are really helpful, and one of those is that if you put a suitcase out in the hall on your last night, it will be taken off the ship for you. You will need something to put your final day of dirty clothes, your bathroom supplies and PJs in, so bring an overnight bag so that all you need to carry during debarkation is your one little overnight bag.

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